To my fellow coffee lovers

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Now, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that we opened a café without tea, coffee or anywhere to sit. This is of course true. Clearly this was either amateurish or part of a cleverly designed marketing plan to build interest, suspense and customer engagement. Please treat that as a rhetorical question; there really is no need to answer it next time you see us. In our defence, having your first baby at the same time as opening a new business definitely slows you down a little. Plus, being really honest, we haven’t done this before and didn’t want to add too much complexity in one go.

Whatever your answer to the question above, the wait for great coffee in Clanfield is nearly over. Our spangly new coffee machine is being installed later this week. She really is a thing of beauty. And as you can tell we are just a little excited. We haven’t named her yet and therefore we are open to suggestions. A free coffee and cake to the winning suggestion.*

Exclusive Invite

To mark the arrival of the yet-to-be-named coffee machine, we are hosting an event by our coffee roaster Has Bean on 3rd November. Sonali from Has Bean will be cupping eight seasonal coffees for you to try. Sonali is super passionate and knowledgable about coffee and so we are sure this will be a fun and informative event. We have 30 free tickets to give away to our customers and would love it if you could join us. To attend the event you will need to register using the following link. The event is running from 6pm until 8pm and as such, there will be some nibbles in case you need to come straight from work.

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Following this event, coffee** will be available to takeaway from 7th November.

In other news we are busy finalising menus and will be fully opening later in December for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and of course great coffee and cake. More on this to come shortly in a separate, yet to be unwritten and at this stage, barely even conceived, blog post.

New opening hours

Finally, it is with deep regret, I must announce that coinciding with the launch of takeaway coffee, from Monday 7th November we will no longer be closing Blake’s Kitchen between 1pm and 2pm Monday to Friday. Our accountant has told us that it is really bad practice to close your café over lunch as this is when customers want to buy their lunch. Unsurprising they showed little regard for when we will have our own lunch. So from 7th November you will be able to visit us between 1pm and 2pm. Please don’t worry about us, we will be fine. (Exclusion: the Post Office will still close between 1pm and 2pm as Janet has a special term in her contract that specifies a break for an egg sandwich and a quick snooze with ‘Doctors’ in the background on the TV). In fairness, she does get up at 4am to do the newspapers and start the second stage of work on Blake’s bread.

As always, thanks to all our customers for your support and feedback as we go through this next period of transition. We continue to learn lots as we go along and still have the passion to create a business that Clanfield can be proud of. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon at the coffee cupping event.

Nicola & Daniel

*In hindsight I’m not sure if it is just us that name kitchen appliances

** I’ve been told that in the interests of balance and inclusivity, I need to point out that other hot drinks will also be available. Apparently the world doesn’t revolve around coffee.